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Hello and welcome, I'm Tina toner! If you've arrived at this page, chances are you're ready to go Beyond The Body. As a fitness coach for more than 20 years, I quickly realized that being healthy is more than just fat loss or a number on the scale.

What about nutrition? Eating Quality Foods that not only improve your physique on the outside but heal you from the inside. Daily habits; how you start your morning and end off your evening. Negative or positive thoughts and what you choose to focus on.


My beyond the body program is all about your physical, mental and spiritual health to bring out your inner Superwoman. It aims to get you fit and healthy by getting rid of emotional weight and stress, replace unhealthy habits with great ones, and regain confidence with a body you love and have the tools to maintain for life.

Your FREE gift includes:

  • A 30-min personalized coaching call guaranteed to leave you with a solid action plan by the time we get off the phone.

  • My Beyond the Body immediate action challenge so you can get started from TODAY!

  • My Ultimate Abs exercise program

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